About Me

I am a native English speaker and I grew up in the Pacific Northwest of the US, where I currently reside. This region is home to a host of world cultures, and one of the largest Russian-speaking communities in the US. Consequently, I became interested in language as a young child and I began learning Russian as a teenager.

My education is in Russian language and culture. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Russian at a local university, but I gained a wealth of knowledge through my experience of living in Russia for several years. This knowledge and experience allows me to translate not only language, but cultural concepts from Russian into English.

In 2011, I began working in the language services industry. Since then, I have worn many hats: translator, proofreader, editor, project manager, and quality assurance specialist. Therefore, I am very capable of handling a variety of document translation and editing projects. I can also perform light formatting, if requested.

Here are the topics that I focus on, including a few types of documents:
business communications: correspondence, service agreements, financial reports, website copy
literature: fiction and non-fiction books, articles, research proposals, and primary sources
government documents: vital records, tax declaration forms, passports and IDs